2013 has been dominated by two series, namely Attack on Titan and Kantai Collection and it is evident in the event’s cosplayers for the first day.

Japanese websites Mantan and Animate have recently compiled cosplay photos taken during day 1 of the bi annual otaku festival and it is evident that most of the cosplays are from the two series.

Here are Animate’s photos:

Irufu Amaguri as Naka (Kantai Collection) Christmas ver.

1388304172_1_1_26ad5cb275861d2c38d3b1c671665310 1388304172_1_4_4b42c54b9bac06885aea3e45ca177ea9

Kipi. as Silica (Sword Art Online)

1388304172_2_4_13f2e8d860043635909b8a03e1826df2 1388304172_2_8_1ed9c17f2489ed7e12f968d13f93ebbc

Na Min as Aya Izutsu (Berry’s)

1388304172_3_1_a3fa3d7267ab441429e8eaaaff4a31f2 1388304172_3_4_fa1ce19aab8e415c20abbf55871b7bd9

Tenge as Sheryl Nome (Macross Frontier)

1388304172_4_2_ac2316d49cc110c467f025ba92b10791 1388304172_4_4_6cd655ed1c1a94b5e2e4dbbebce43fbe

Tefu Shinonome as Takao and Akira Yazaki as Atago from Kantai Collection

1388304172_5_1_50a3f2b34eddfef261f07a1f0e237a35 1388304172_5_4_fffc3b19047c55f1484a6b06b38995d9

News site Mantan Web also posted several of the first day’s cosplay photos.

cosplay 1cosplay 2 cosplay 6 cosplay 5 cosplay 4 cosplay 3 cosplay z cosplay y cosplay x cosplay w cosplay v cosplay u cosplay s cosplay r cosplay t cosplay q cosplay p cosplay o cosplay n cosplay m cosplay l cosplay k cosplay j cosplay i cosplay g cosplay f cosplay e cosplay d cosplay c cosplay b cosplay a cosplay 14 cosplay 13 cosplay 12 cosplay 11 cosplay 10 cosplay 9 cosplay 8 cosplay 7

This is just day 1 so expect more cosplays to come. The otaku-fest known as Comiket 85 will be held from December 29-31, 2013 at its traditional home, the world-famous Tokyo Big Sight.

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Via Mantan and Animate


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