A popularity poll was recently conducted as part of Attack on Titan‘s ongoing collaboration with Japan’s horse racing league, the Japan Racing Association or JRA titled Attack on Japan Cup.

The collaboration, which includes an interactive online game featuring the AoT cast racing horses, will also have an event known as “Shingeki no Ariba Kinen” and details for that event will be announced on December 11, 2013.

The poll yielded a whopping 8,398,751,917 votes all in all. Here are their results:

20- Levi: 26,630,417 votes

19- Erwin Smith: 42,811,555 votes

18- Connie Springer: 43,572,079 votes

17- Ymir: 43,574,681 votes

16- Marco Bott: 43,644,942 votes

15- Annie Leonhardt: 43,796,578 votes

14- Sasha Braus: 43,861,279 votes

13- Petra Ral: 44,059,449 votes

12- Jean Kirstein: 46,958,998 votes

11- Mikasa Ackerman: 50,668,992 votes

10- Armin Arlert: 50,953,467 votes

9- Bertolt Hoover: 61,167,890 votes

8- Reiner Braun: 65,659,729 votes

7- Krista Lenz: 65,660,048 votes

6- Hanki Zoe: 71,684,520 votes

5-  Eren Yeager: 83,793,401 votes


4- Rico Brzenska: 105,446,222 votes


3- Mike Zacharias: 235,218,564 votes


2- Oluo Bozado: 483,808,036 votes


1- Hannes: 6,745,781,070 votes


Surprise surprise, everybody’s favorite diminutive giant slayer only makes it to #20 with only 26 million votes. Taking the #1 spot is Hannes who may have struck many fans because of his father-like relationship to Eren, Armin and Mikasa. The JRA even uploaded a video tribute to Hannes.

Fans were able to vote as many times as they wanted so that 8 billion vote mark is quite possible.

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Via Attack on Japan Cup official website


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