Bandai Namco has recently revealed several more details for the upcoming PS Vita game based on the popular Sword Art Online series titled Sword Art Online: Hollow Fragment.

But first! The trailer for the new SAO game has also been launched earlier today, December 19, 2013. Here it is:


The game will be following Sword Art Online’s RPG theme (don’t worry, you won’t die for real in this one) which means it will be a game about a game.

This will be the second SAO game following Sword Art Online Infinity Moment which was released earlier this year. The game will introduce a mysterious new heroine named Filia, an “orange player” who Kirito  bumps into in the Hollow Area. She is searching for a certain truth within Aincrad’s Holllow Area.


The game will also feature the other SAO heroines of course. Familiar Aincrad heroines like Silica and Lizbeth will be part of the game along with ALO arc heroine Leafa and GGO arc heroine Shion.

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Kirito and Asuna’s “daughter” Yui will also be part of the game along with Strea who is an original character introduced in Sword Art Online Infinity Moment.

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In “Hollow Fragments”, the player has to work with one partner who will accompany Kirito throughout Aincrad’s Hollow Area. The partners will come at any given time, not only in battle and will help Kirito out even in daily life.

saohf_15_cs1w1_640x363 saohf_16_cs1w1_640x363

And since the player is controlling Kirito, he or she can make Kirito do what he usually does…

saohf_18_cs1w1_640x363 saohf_19_cs1w1_640x363 saohf_22_cs1w1_640x363 saohf_23_cs1w1_640x363

The player can also interact with the heroines on a regular day-to-day basis.

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And of course, there will be battles. What’s SAO without all that adrenaline pumping action? Kirito must team-up with one of the heroines to do battle with Aincrad’s virtual monsters.

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Since Sword Art Online: Hollow Fragment is an RPG, there will be bosses. One of the game’s bosses has been announced and it is the Kobold Lord, the first floor boss featured in the anime. Its method of attack depends on its HP gauge and comes with his own Kobold minions

saohf_40_cs1w1_640x448 saohf_41_cs1w1_640x361 saohf_46_cs1w1_640x448

Remember that “switching” method Kirito and Asuna usually do in the anime? You can fully utilize that method when attacking a monster with your partner.


The game introduces the “Hollow Area”, an unexplored area within Aincrad with no information is known about it so far. The “Hollow Area” contains several new areas to explore like the “Hollow Rocks Area” where it’s likely that a flying monster may appear at any moment. The Hollow Area provides certain special quests that Kirito must complete.

saohf_50_cs1w1_640x359 saohf_54_cs1w1_720x

Sword Art Online: Hollow Fragment is scheduled for its Japanese release on April 24, 2014 for the PS Vita.

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