The bi-annual otaku festival known as Comiket 85 is currently in full swing at the Tokyo Big Sight with doujinshi and other merchandise on sale as well as several great cosplays. We take a look at what day 2 has to offer in terms of cosplays as well as several company booths like Dengeki and Microsoft.

As usual, the day two crowd presented an overwhelming sea of humanity as posted by Azlaelx via twitter.


the official comiket twitter account, comiketofficial also posted this image of just how many people braved the cold winter weather just to make it to the event.


Of course, there will be cosplay. Here’s the King of Monsters himself, Godzilla (image by yamorz)


Ladies and gentlemen, say hello to facebook and twitter (image by orzpanther)


It’s cleaning Levi!!!! (image by teratsugu0119)


As usual, more Kantai Collection cosplay (image by kanaenaotugu)


image by nido_climax


images by ozyoe



image by maruchieeee


Well, looks like the KanColle girls have encountered an enemy
(image by WANIGUNNSOU)


Well here are a few Kamen Riders
(images by Junoji_38 and NarukamiRaijin respectively)

proxy Bcu-rsOCYAA4-b2

Is that the Unicorn Gundam?! (image by muttanandg_ta)


The booths also strutted their stuff. Here’s Dengeki’s items on sale along with their own cosplayer.

c85_003_cs1w1_480x720c85_013_cs1w1_720x480 c85_014_cs1w1_480x720

Here’s Kadokawa Shouten’s booth which is highlighted by Kantai Collection, Strike Witches and Girls und Panzer. You can say the booth dominated sea (Kantai Collection), air (Strike Witches) and land (Girls und Panzer)

c85_015_cs1w1_720x480 c85_016_cs1w1_720x479 c85_017_cs1w1_480x720

The Microsoft also presented their own products and cosplayers including Inori Aizawa, the anime version of the Internet Explorer.

c85_018_cs1w1_720x479 c85_019_cs1w1_720x480 c85_023_cs1w1_720x480 c85_024_cs1w1_720x480

The Pretty Mobage booth also presented some cosplayers who dressed up as Nanoha (Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha), Sakura (Sakura Wars), Kud (Little Busters!) and more.

c85_049_cs1w1_720x480 c85_050_cs1w1_720x480 c85_051_cs1w1_720x480

The IS: Infinite Stratos booth meanwhile was manned by Houki with Char and Cecilia helping out.

c85_062_cs1w1_720x480 c85_063_cs1w1_720x480 c85_064_cs1w1_480x720 c85_065_cs1w1_479x720

Finally, Pixiv’s booth does not only feature limited edition artworks up for sale but also some Madoka Magica cosplayers

c85_072_cs1w1_480x720 c85_073_cs1w1_720x480 c85_074_cs1w1_720x480

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Booth images via Dengeki Online


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