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If you thought you were done with Dragon’s Crown — quite possibly the best 2D side-scrolling co-op adventure game to have come in ages — well, think again.

Atlus and developer Vanillaware has just pushed out a new update patch for the Japanese version of the game (the fifth update, for those not keeping count) that not only fixes some bugs and improves the general play experience in a number of ways, but also adds a brand new difficulty level, Ultimate, in which characters’ level caps are raised from level 99 to 255.

Under the Ultimate difficulty level, there’s even a new randomly generated dungeon called the “Heavenly Corridor of Dreams” (夢幻の天廊).

Other changes in the new patch include adjustments to character’s skill and action effects — which, depending on how drastic the adjustments are, could turn the Dragon’s Crown we know and love into a brand new game.

Scroll down for the full list of changes in the new patch, which we’ve translated from the official website below.

Bug fixes

  • Performance of the game under certain conditions has been improved to be more stable.


New features added

  • Once the 9th level of the Labyrinth of Chaos has been cleared, a new difficulty level, “Ultimate”, can be accessed through the shrine.
  • In the Ultimate difficulty level, a new randomly-generated dungeon, the “Heavenly Corridor of Dreams”, can be accessed.
  • Under the Ultimate difficulty level, player level caps have been raised from Lv99 to Lv255.
  • Different item shortcuts can now be assigned to the L and up directional key shortcut menus.
  • Damage numbers can be set to be displayed as a total count, rather than for individual hits.
  • To improve visibility on the screen, shadows can now be displayed in the foreground.
  • When creating a new character under a save file that has already cleared the game once, players can skip past the initial phase and go directly to gathering the 9 talismen (which allows you to participate in the online multiplayer mode right after character creation).
  • Quests that have already been completed once can also be skipped.


Game improvements

  • The various character classes’ skill effects and actions have been adjusted.
  • NPC behaviour has been tweaked.
  • The effects of equipment, items, and skills in the Battle Arena have been adjusted. The rules have also been tweaked.
  • Other adjustments have also been made to smoothen out the gameplay experience.

Dragon’s Crown 5th update patch is currently only available to players on the Japanese version; usually it takes several weeks for the latest patch to be rolled out in the other language versions of the game.

In the meantime, after applying the latest update, players on the Japanese version will not be able to play against those on the English version — so if you have friends on a different version of Dragon’s Crown, you may want to wait before applying the update.

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Source: Dragon’s Crown official website


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