The ending of the third Madoka Magica movie, The Rebellion Story is what some fans expected it to be- which is to be totally unexpected.

Gen Urobuchi‘s surprise ending shocked a lot of fans and re-energized interest in the series. One of the most important parts of that unexpected ending is Homura Devil which would be the anti-thesis for main heroine Madoka Kaname’s ultimate form, Goddess Madoka (aka Godoka, Ultimate Madoka, and Madokami)



Now, a fan has modified his own Homura Akemi figma to make his own version of Homura Devil. Blogger Reikouzi proudly posted his handiwork in his blog. He had modified a Kuroyukihime body to make DeviHomu and added Homura’s head as well as a few other additions.



Here’s DeviHomu with figma Godoka (Ultimate Madoka)


pew pew pew


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