Popular anime series like Gundam, Pokemon and Evangelion have been known to have their own permanent official stores selling official merchandise from toys, PVC figures and plastic models to clothes and even food. In 2011, Pretty Cure joined the ranks of those mainstream anime franchises as an official store dedicated to the PreCure was opened at the JR Tokyo Station.

Soon, there will also be a branch in Japan’s Kansai region as well.

The PreCure Pretty Store No.2, filled with products based on the magical girl (mahou shoujo) series created by Izumi Todo, will be located in Kita-Ku, Osaka and will be directly connected to the Hankyu Umeda station.


This isn’t be the first PreCure has had a retail store dedicated to its namesake, of course. The first PreCure Pretty Store can be found at the Tokyo Character Street sub-section within the JR Tokyo train station.


This new store in Osaka, however, will be 20 times larger than the first store in Tokyo.

The new official store will contain more than 1,000 PreCure merchandise which will span all eleven PreCure series including the upcoming Happiness Charge PreCure! series which will begin airing next year.

The Pretty Cure Store will have its grand opening on February 1, 2014 and will not only feature PreCure merchandise but it will also contain a PreCure photo booth as well as a play area for kids featuring a unified view of the world of Pretty Cure. The store will be open 10:00 a.m. until 21:00 (9:00) p.m.

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