2013 is almost over and the year has certainly given us plenty of great new anime from Attack on Titan which only a handful could have predicted to become the anime juggernaut it is now to Free! which most certainly increased the number of female anime fans.

With the great 2013 anime out there, there will also be the underrated ones who live in the shadow of these big names. I’m talking about the anime which have great stories and could make you laugh out loud or cry a river but did not quite get the popularity they deserved.

We take a look at five great anime which have great stories but were often overshadowed by other more successful anime and did not gain a lot of attention. Here is our list:

Flowers of Evil (Aku no Hana)


where to watch: Crunchyroll

The story is basically about a boy named Takao Kasuga who is caught stealing the gym clothes of the girl he likes by the unpopular girl Sawa Nakamura. To keep her silence, Takao usually has to follow Nakamura’s unreasonable demands.

The anime is simply wonderful and the story keeps you at the edge of your seats. However, many have dropped this anime on day 1 just because of its unique art style which is way too different from the manga’s original art style.


The anime used rotoscoping for its artwork which anime fans generally aren’t accustomed to. Artwork aside, the anime is something to watch if you want a good story.

Silver Fox/ Gingitsune: Messenger Fox of the Gods


Where to watch: Crunchyroll

The story follows Makoto Saeki who can see the messengers of the gods and the sacred fox messenger Gintaro, a large overgrown silver fox. The story is focused on Makoto’s day-to-day interactions with not only Gintaro but also her friends and family.

This supernatural slice of life anime has a beautiful story which shows the daily life of a girl with an unnatural gift. The story is just simply enjoyable but the anime over-all was not able to get the attention it deserves.

This anime was shown in the Fall 2013 anime season and was definitely overshadowed by series like Nagi no Asukara, Kill la Kill, Non Non Biyori and Galilei Donna.

Chronicles of the Going Home Club

Where to watch: Crunchyroll


This over the top anime follows the five members of the Going Home Club who basically would leave the audience rolling in the floor laughing.

The anime is just simply funny as hell and the characters are extremely lovable and will grow on you. However, like all anime in this list wasn’t able to garner the attention other series have gotten.

The anime was shown during the fully loaded 2013 summer anime season and was overshadowed by series like Attack on Titan, Free! and Silver Spoon.

[email protected]


Licensed by Sentai Filmworks

Magical battles, beings who can bend reality, Japanese gods and high school girl robots who can fire missiles from their chests, [email protected] is full of action, laughs and the occasional fan service.

The anime is full of symbolisms and references to Japanese mythology and centers on the Hikkikomori named Sasami. Sasami is lazy and does not even like going out of her bed, but she has her reasons . This unmotivated girl may be very lovable but sadly, her anime is still quite underrated despite the great visuals and story line.



Where to watch: Crunchyroll

If you watch episode 1, you will cry because of how sad Kotoura’s life is. You will truly feel sorry for her and you can also feel her own personal sorrow… and then the male lead, Manabe comes along and completely ruins the sad mood by making you laugh out loud.

This anime is one big roller coaster of emotions where you find yourself crying and then the next minute you find yourself rolling in laughter. Kotoura-san offers a unique story which truly plays with your heart along with the lovable characters which will grow on you.

Do you agree with out picks for most underrated anime this 2013?

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