They say human imagination is limitless and with the Gundam Build Fighters anime currently promoting imagination among gunpla modelers, fans have taken to the internet and posted some rather interesting builds which range from the cool to the plain weird.

Fans posted their creations on social media platform Twitter with the #ガンプラはどんな自由な発想で作ってもいいんだ タグまとめ which means “It’s fine to build Gunplas however you like as a form of expression”, and they sure did express their creativity very well.

Let’s start off with something a bit more normal with this Evangelion-inspired Gundam Unicorn from twitter user Allnight_fever0


Twitter user Yuhkiichinose meanwhile presented this Kamen Rider-inspired Acguy


This Megaman-inspired SD Gundam is by CtbnBF90


This customized Turn A Gundam by Lender_hiko looks very intimidating


Other modifications are also a bit weird, here’s “Full Armor Homura” by gram1228


Here’s one from nukattane which is an Acguy mod featuring the lovable Teddie from the Persona series.


Love Live’s Nozomi Tojo meanwhile brings her DOMinating presence with this Dom modification from Cubesugar03196


I’m not even gonna talk about this custom gunpla by Hurrytom


sayhoukei‘s creation, meanwhile, gives Mami Tomoe’s Tiro Finale special attack (from Puella Magi Madoka Magica) a unique spin.


This one from busterbonze is certainly “No Zaku” indeed.


And now, presenting the Nanoha Gundam!


This piece from himikakikyou is a bit… um… muscular to say the least.


EPSILON13‘s customized Gogg takes fluffiness to a whole new level.


I build gunpla too, but just a quick question, will building a gundam model out of lego qualify as gunpla as well? User LEGOdouMoko thinks it does.


There are more weird and wonderful gunplas posted on twitter, with some featuring quality and coolness worth talking about while some unfortunately just cannot be unseen. Trust me, that Ramba Ral-Gouf mod is child’s play compared to some of the posts on twitter.

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