Love Live! has had a huge year in 2013 with their popular anime, Love Live! School Idol Project, garnering many fans. And there’s more Love Live! goodness to come yet, such as the upcoming release of their third anniversary BluRay/DVD.


To celebrate the Love Live! festivities as well as to promote the release of the Love Live! third anniversary BluRay/DVD on Christmas day, December 25, 2013, Gamers Akihabara is currently holding a Love Live! museum. They are giving their store a Love Live! make-over as well.


love live

The museum was launched on December 21, 2013 and will be on display until January 13, 2014. It is currently being held at the fifth floor of Gamers Akihabara.


The museum displayed several Love Live! merchandise including the upcoming figures of Umi and Honoka by Kotobukiya.


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The museum also had a Love Live! comment board where people can leave personal comments or messages to any of the nine μ’s members.


The museum also featured drawings by the Love Live! voice actresses Aya Uchida (Kotori), Emi Niita (Honoka) and Pile (Maki).

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The cards from the Love Live! Weiss Schwarz trading card game were also on display


The μ’s members were also featured in each of the store’s elevators.

Eli: 1st floor elevator


Kotori: 2nd Floor Elevator


Rin: 3rd Floor Elevator


Maki: 4th Floor Elevator


Umi: 5th Floor stairs entrance


Nozomi: 5th Floor Elevator


Hanayo: 6th Floor Elevator


Nico: 7th Floor Elevator


The Love Live! theme is even applied even inside the elevator itself.

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