The Angler Fish Team’s sheltered gunner Hana Isuza from Girls und Panzer will be celebrating her birthday on December 22, 2013 but last saturday, December 15, 2013, fans have flocked to the small town of Oarai to celebrate her birthday.


Oarai is the small town which has gotten much notoriety for Girls und Panzer and has been flocked by anime tourists and pilgrims ever since the anime first aired last October 2012. This time, the town dedicated a celebration for the anime’s resident sheltered rich girl.


The celebration started when a cardboard cut-out of Hana arrived in style with her own very special ride.


Hana came from a very rich family which has a tradition in Japanese flower arrangement. Her name also literally means flower so the fans offered this tank gunner flowers… lots of them.


The townsfolk and the fans also offered this fictional character some very real gifts. Hey, is that Spam?!


Of course, Hana’s friends also came for the celebrations along with her mom. The special birthday party also included some tank-themed cakes. Come on, what’s a birthday without cakes?


The information booth at the Oarai train station also had a dedication to Hana.


This isn’t the first birthday celebration held for a GaruPan character in Oarai however as fans have also flocked the small coastal town last October for main character Miho Nishizumi’s birthday. You can view how the town and the fans celebrated her birthday through this link:

You can also check out how other fans celebrated the birthdays of their favorite anime characters through this link:

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