Popular tank anime Girls und Panzer and popular tank online game World of Tanks have stepped up their ongoing collaboration with a rather unique take on a Christmas tradition- the Christmas tree.


The base of this Christmas tree is the Japanese World War II Type-89 tank used by the Duck Team from Girls Und Panzer. The tree is then topped with the World of Tanks logo and decorated with various traditional Christmas ornaments as well as several small World of Tanks logos.

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This tank Christmas tree can be located at Akihabara UDX and is part of the “Akihabara Landings” collaboration event which started yesterday, December 18, 2013 across 14 stores in Akihabara. The Christmas tree will be displayed until Christmas day, December 25, 2013.

Twitter users moccori_01 and Pola_PZ have posted images of the tree when it was still under construction.

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