Yesterday, December 23, 2013, new figures were announced and upcoming figures displayed during the Treasure Festa in Ariake event organized by figure makers Griffon Enterprises.


Griffon proudly announced several upcoming figured for their new Nanoricchi figure line which features cutesy super deformed versions of several anime and video game characters.

Perhaps the highlights for the Nanoricchi line would be the upcoming Sword Art Online figures featuring Kirito, Asuna and Asuna Titania version.

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Persona 3’s Aigis and Elizabeth will also be having their own cutesy Nanoricchi figures

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Griffon has also announced that they will be releasing gigantic figures of OreImo heroines Kirino and Kuroneko. The enormous figures are part of their Super Figures line with Kirino measuring approximately 66cm in height and the upcoming Kuroneko figure will be measuring approximately 62cm in height.

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Griffon has also announced that they will be making figures from Rozen Maiden, Shining Ark, Galilei Donna and Kiniro Mosaic.

Rozen Maiden announcement featuring Shinku and Hinaichigo


Kiniro Mosaic’s Karen


Shining Ark


Galilei Donna


Griffon also previewed several upcoming figures, some of which are already up for pre-orders. You can check out some of the figures up for pre-orders through this link:

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Other figure makers besides Griffon have also displayed their upcoming goodies like Daibadi and Beat.


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The event was held at the Hiranuma building in Yokohama.

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