Banpresto holds Ichiban Kuji lotteries on a regular basis, selling tickets that you can buy to instantly win a prize based on your favourite anime and game franchises, in a variety of Japanese stores usually going for 500~800 yen.

And one of those Ichiban Kujis coming up in January 2014 is the “Hatsune Miku Brand Collection – Miku wears Milk” series, in which the virtual diva has teamed up with the famous lolita brand of Harajuku fashion known as Milk. Each ticket will be sold for 600 yen.

The key visual for this collaboration (above) is the work of Hidari, famous mainly for illustrating the [email protected] light novel series. She also did the artwork for Atelier Ayesha, which explains why all three have such a smooth, pastel-colored look.

The set of prizes includes two stuffed Miku dolls, the “Milk Heart” and “Milk Stripe” illustration booklets, a song CD by Hachiouji-P, a pouch, nail stickers, stationery set, hand towels, and rubber charms.

Looking at these images, Miku + Milk looks so fitting that I’m surprised the pairing hasn’t happened before:


Prize A: Milk Heart Illustration Booklet + CD


Prize B: Milk Heart Doll


 Prize C: Milk Stripe Doll


Prize D: Heart-shaped Pouch


Prize E: Nail Stickers


Prize F: Stationery Set


Prize G: Rubber Charms


Prize H: Hand Towels (That bottom left one is outrageously cute)


“Last One” Prize: Milk Stripe + CD + Stickers

There are also these two wallpapers, downloadable on KARENT:



Not that I’m really their target audience (or gender), but I’d say the dolls are the best value overall.

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