Weekly Shounen Jump‘s annual event known as Jump Festa is a celebration of everything Shounen Jump has to offer. This year’s edition can be described as extremely successful thanks to a massive increase in visitors.


The two-day festival was held for two days from December 20-21 at the Makuhari Messe Hall in Chiba. More than 145,000 people turned up and joined the festivities. This number is 11,000 people more than last year.

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The increase in this year’s attendees may be partly thanks to the free admission for this event as Shueisha’s thank you to the fans who have continually supported the manga magazine. This year’s festivities are also a part of Shounen Jump!’s 45th anniversary and includes exhibitions from various video game developers like Nintendo and Square Enix.

The event also held several exhibits featuring the art of Kuroko’s Basketball by Takehijo Inoue and Dragon Ball by Akira Toriyama. Stage events featuring Kuroko’s Basketball as well as Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure have been the event’s main draws and were so popular that it was standing room only for both shows.

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The event also featured several displays featuring Jump’s finest like Dr. Slump’s Arale, Dragon Ball’s Shenlong and many other figures and merchandise.

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