Japanese curtain makers Curtain Damashii (literally means “Curtain Soul”) aims to make living spaces a little livelier for anime fans — and what better way to liven things up than with the anthropomorphic battleship girls from Kantai Collection.


These Kantai Collection ita-curtains are big enough to cover on sliding doors and large windows. They come in four different designs namely Shimakaze, Akagi, Kongou and Atago. Each design comes in 3 different sizes ranging from 100cm x 135cm, 100cm x 178cm and 100cm x 220cm.









These curtains however will be limited edition and only 100 of each design will be made. Each curtain is sold separately and can be ordered online via their official website. The 100cm x 135cm curtains cost 8,500 yen, 100cm x 178cm curtains cost 9,750 yen and the 100cm x 220cm curtains cost 10,750 yen. All curtains will be distributed starting midnight, December 8, 2013.

The website is also selling these KanColle curtain fasteners for 1,000 yen each. The fasteners also come in four designs, Shimakaze, Akagi, Kongou and Atago.


Special Japanese calligraphy tapestries featuring the characters for Shimakaze, Akagi, Kongou and Atago will also be provided in the future. These tapestries will be handwritten by the beautiful calligrapher Suzu Kazehana (涼風花).

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