To celebrate Madoka Magica‘s recent box office success, a special art book was distributed in limited quantities to people watching the Madoka Magica: The Rebellion Story movie in Japan starting yesterday, December 14, 2014.


The fans who have received the limited edition art books have recently uploaded images of what the contents look like. User momomoca1234‘s twitter account has revealed several new artworks revealing the witches from the beloved magical girl series. Here are the Clara Dolls, some of Homulily’s vicious familiars.



Here’s the mermaid witch, Oktavia Von Seckendorff’s spear form. If Oktavia is Sayaka and she’s wielding a spear which is usually associated with Kyouko…


And here’s Oktavia with Sayaka’s classic weapon, the sword


Ever wonder what might happen if Homura Akemi ever became a witch? That scenario was explored in the PSP game Madoka Magica Portable.

Here’s Homulily’s first (above) and second (below) forms.

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The art book not only featured the witches but their minions as well. Here’s one of Homulily’s minions.


Here’s another Homulily minion, the decaying tooth-riding Luiselotte which are tasked to hunt rats.


Homulily has plenty of familiars. Here’s Liese, the bearer of bad news.


Here’s Charlotte with her minions pyotr and polina.


The booklets are illustrated by official series illustrator Inu-Kare who who showed off his weird-yet-wonderful artwork as featured in the anime as well as the movies. Here’s his autograph which can be located at the end of the official art book.


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