Madoka Magica fans received a special Christmas gift from Puella Magi Madoka Magica character designer and animation director Junichiro Taniguchi as he tweeted several Madoka-themed Christmas greetings for the fans.

Last night, he tweeted this image of Madoka Magica’s newest magical girl, Nagisa in a Christmas reindeer theme as he greeted everyone a Merry Christmas.


The animation director also drew Madoka in a cute Reindeer outfit.


He also tweeted several sketches of the Madoka Magical girls Madoka, Homura, Kyouko and Nagisa.


Junichiro Taniguchi worked as the animation director and character designer for the Madoka Magica TV series as well as all three Madoka Magica movies. He has also worked on as the animation director for other series like YuruYuri and several episodes of Full Metal Alchemist.

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Via Junichiro Taniguchi twitter account


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