Last month, Mikoto Misaka was announced as the winner of Dengeki Bunko’sA Certain Summer‘ popularity poll and as a winner, she will be featured in a special greeting card from ‘A Certain‘ series author Kazuma Kamachi.

That special greeting card has finally been released and it features good ol’ Biribiri in that cute formal dress she wore in the Railgun anime’s “violin episode” from the first season. Mikoto however wasn’t alone…


Behind her are her “Railgun” friends Kuroko (who appears love-struck once again), Saten and Uiharu along with her clones Last Order and 10,032 (who won the poll’s #3 spot). Also featured are “Index” main characters Touma, Index and Accelerator as well as the online poll’s #2 winner Hino Jinsaku.


The illustration was drawn by Kiyotaka Haimura who is known for illustrating the light novels. You can check out the full results of the official online poll through this link

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Via Dengeki Bunko


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