Danganronpa has had quite a year with the success of the anime as well as the video games. To thank the fans for the franchise’s recent success, a fan meeting was organized and those who attended got to meet two very special guests.

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The event was held at the Makuhari Messe Hall in Chiba last November 30, 2013 and was organized by the game’s developers, Spike Chunsoft. Danganronpa’s director, Takayuki Sugawara and producer Yoshinori Terasawa were present during the celebrations.

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The advertising posters used to promote the anime were displayed during event including the collaboration poster between the series and hit Hollywood movie Ted.

dangan_45_cs1w1_720xdangan_43_cs1w1_590x dangan_44_cs1w1_720xdangan_11_cs1w1_190x dangan_12_cs1w1_190x dangan_14_cs1w1_190x dangan_16_cs1w1_190x dangan_17_cs1w1_190x dangan_18_cs1w1_190x dangan_19_cs1w1_190x dangan_21_cs1w1_190x dangan_22_cs1w1_190x dangan_24_cs1w1_190x dangan_27_cs1w1_190x dangan_32_cs1w1_190x dangan_37_cs1w1_190x dangan_40_cs1w1_190x dangan_42_cs1w1_190x

Also on display was a life size version of the Hope’s Peak Academy classroom as well as the Class Trial room where the accusations, investigations and verdicts are usually held.

dangan_51_cs1w1_720x dangan_52_cs1w1_720x

Danganronpa merchandise such as figures and cosplay costumes were also on display. The event also featured an illustration wall where event goers can freely draw or write their own Danganronpa illustrations.

dangan_61_cs1w1_x720 dangan_62_cs1w1_x720 dangan_63_cs1w1_x720 dangan_68_cs1w1_720x dangan_69_cs1w1_720x dangan_73_cs1w1_x720 dangan_74_cs1w1_x720

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