The Megahobby Expo’s autumn edition presented several new figure goodies from some of the biggest name in the industry like Megahouse, Orchid Seed and Alter.

New figures were displayed announced as well as a few upcoming figures which are already available for pre-orders.

Warning: Some wallets are about to get hurt… a lot.

One Piece has always been a Megahouse mainstay and the figure company just unveiled a few new additions to their P.O.P. and other One Piece line-ups.

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And then there are the Yamato girls from Space Battleship Yamato 2199


Of course, Megahouse also previewed their other upcoming figures like Gargantia’s Amy, Revolutionary Girl Utena’s Utena, Bodacious Space Pirates’ Marika and more.

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They also showed off their cute super deformed figures from Monster Hunter and Sailor Moon.

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Megahouse ain’t just about the figures however as they also showcased their upcoming plastic models from various series like Majestic Prince’s Red 5.


MHS008h031 rt018 mhs018 mhs010 mhs011 mhs012

Other manufacturers also displayed their upcoming figures like Kotobukiya.

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Hobby Japan’s Seven Deadly Sins also made their presence felt as figures of Lust, Greed, Envy and Pride went on display during the event.

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Perhaps one of the biggest highlights of the event was Alter’s displays where they announced a lot of new figures like To Love Ru Darkness’s Mikan, Persona’s Labryss, some Free! figures and more.

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