Persona Q Shadow of the Labyrinth

Two new trailers have appeared offering more information on Atlus‘ upcoming 3DS dungeon-crawler, Persona Q: Shadow of the Labyrinth.

The first trailer is focused on the Persona 3 protagonist, and the second on the Persona 4 one–the game can be played from either character’s perspective, although each trailer clearly shows them interacting with each other. Both videos show off the game’s Chibi-like art style, voiced dialogue from both protagonists, and parts of the game’s battle system.

Persona 3 Protagonist Trailer

Persona 4 Protagonist Trailer

The combat screen looks a lot like that of Etrian Odyssey, with the characters’ profiles lined up in rows displaying HP, MP, and the characters’ faces. Actually, it looks like an improvement over Etrian Odyssey’s interface.

But the trailers also emphasize the game’s more traditional Persona series features. Group attacks, dialogue choices, and elemental weaknesses are all included. Even the menu sound effects are re-used.

With Persona 3 and 4, I felt that the dungeon design took a backseat to plot and character development. Most dungeons were very rectangular and repetitive; even randomly-generated locations felt as though I had been through them dozens of times already. But with a dungeon-crawling RPG, dungeons are always going to be the main focus, so there will probably be more variety and exploration in Persona Q.

Hopefully the game will also borrow ideas from the Etrian Odyssey series and incorporate things like secret passages, more complex sidequests, and unique events on every floor. Maybe there will even be Persona-themed “FOE” minibosses wandering around.

The game’s official website also describes two new characters. Rei, the little girl holding a corn dog, and Zen, the guy with a huge choker around his neck are both first years at Yasogami High, suggesting Persona Q will be more focused on Persona 4’s characters.

Persona Q Website

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Source: Persona Q Official Website


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