Valvrave the Liberator has thrilled anime and mecha fans for its fast-paced action and drama. However, a recent Nico Nico Live survey has shown that majority of fans did not like the ending at all.

According to the Survey, 18.0% thought the ending was very good, 5.9% thought it was good, 6.2% thought the ending was just average while 8.1% thought it was not good enough. Meanwhile, 61.7% of the survey’s respondents stated that the ending was not very good.


Fans in social media seemed to agree with the results as posted by twitter user honoka_yuuji who posted the image above.

According to him, the last episode was just awful. Many anime have been widely received by fans  only to have them disappointed with the series’ final episode. The most notable “bad last episode” would probably be from Neon Genesis Evangelion’s where fans couldn’t seem to really understand what happened in the end.

Well, at the very least, Valvrave did not have the infamous “Nice Boat” ending from School Days. Remember that one, folks?

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