Back in late October, we told you about a One Piece X Monster Hunter 4 cross-promotion collaboration that allowed players in the game to unlock a Tony Tony Chopper suit and weapon set for their Felyne helper.

In its article on the announcement, Weekly Jump magazine teased that the Tony Tony Chopper-themed unlocks was just the beginning, and that fans could expect to hear about it soon.

How soon? Well, right about now: the latest issue of Weekly Jump magazine has the scoop on a brand new DLC quest for Monster Hunter 4 that will allow players to obtain Nami and Usopp’s weapons, from One Piece.

mh4 weapons

The DLC quest, entitled “The Fanged Beast from One Piece’s Country of Ice”, will task players with hunting a never-before-seen, gigantic version of the Lagombi that’s said to be bigger than the ones you face in the regular game.

Players will need to have attained a minimum rank of HR4 in order to accept the quest.

Successful attempts at hunting the gigantic Lagombi will reward players with the materials required to make tne insect staff Clima-Tact (Nami’s Weapon, attack 496 with 270 bonus lightning elemental damage) and the bow weapon Kabuto (Usopp’s weapon, attack 168 with 160 bonus fire elemental damage).

Monster Hunter 4 for the Nintendo 3DS is currently available only in the Japanese and Chinese markets (for Hong Kong and Taiwan 3DS sets, which are region-locked).

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Source: W Jump magazine


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