Bandai Namco has announced that the first-print edition bonus for the upcoming Sword Art Online PS Vita game, Sword Art Online: Hollow Fragment will be an exclusive wedding dress.


The wedding dress can be equipped by any of the game’s heroines namely Asuna, Leafa, Lizbeth, Silica, Shion and Strea who was introduced in Sword Art Online: Infinity Moment. Now, imagine this scene with Asuna wearing that wedding dress.


The wedding dress will give the characters a more “married” feel to them as they walk around the deadly world of Aincrad.

This will be the second SAO game following Sword Art Online Infinity Moment which was released earlier this year for the PSP. The game will introduce a mysterious new heroine named Filia, an “orange player” who Kirito  bumps into in the Hollow Area. She is searching for a certain truth within Aincrad’s Holllow Area.


Sword Art Online: Hollow Fragment is scheduled for its Japanese release on April 24, 2014 for the PS Vita. Read more details about this new SAO game through this link:

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Source: Dengeki Online


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