Just two more weeks to go before Sword Art Online: Extra Edition hits the TV airwaves in Japan — and on the Interwebs internationally through same-day simulcasts on Crunchyroll and Daisuki.net — on December 31!

Time to start up the hype engine!

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The good folks over at Dengeki Online have just shared today a new 15-second TV commercial spot for the year-end special, which offers fans a sneak peak at the SAO cast in beachwear.

Here are some screencaps from the 15-second trailer, just in case you need to scrutinise the art to make sure that the SAO: Extra Edition animators aren’t cutting any slack!

To see the full 15-second TV-CM, you’ll have to head over to Dengeki Online’s story here. The TV-CM itself is worth checking out — you’ll be able to hear a snippet from the new theme song for Sword Art Online: Extra Edition, Niji no Oto (Sound of the Rainbow) performed by Eir Aoi, as well.

Sword Art Online: Extra Edition is an abridged edition of the hit 2012 anime series, with new scenes added.

The new scenes depict an extra story scenario that was never covered in the original run of the 2012 anime series: After the events of the Aincrad and Fairy Dance story arcs, Kirito and friends get back into playing Alfheim Online.

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While in the virtual-reality game, Yui asks Kirito to take her to go see a whale, now made possible due to a new underwater quest in Alfheim Online.

As the entire party accompanies Kirito and Yui to the underwater quest, however, it’s revealed that Leafa is afraid of water.

Thus, back in the real world, Asuna and the other female characters decide to teach Suguha how to swim so that she, too, can accompany everyone on the underwater quest.

While all of that is going on, Kirito goes out to meet a certain someone alone, unbeknownst to his friends.

Anime fans in Southeast Asia can catch Sword Art Online: Extra Edition streamed online on December 31 at Daisuki.net.

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Source: Dengeki Online


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