The town of Beppu in Oita prefecture is known for traditional Japanese hot springs or onsen. Now, the tourist town is also known for their unique lights show featuring the virtual diva, Hatsune Miku in a unique event called Trans City feat. Hatsune Miku.

Miku C

The light shows are held in 360 ° domes where the audience can enjoy the show comfortably as they look up in a starry Miku-filled “sky”. The domes are found all over the city so guests can enjoy a very unique experience, with each dome fully equipped with its own state-of-the-art projector and sound system.

miku f

These shows are a result of a collaboration between Beppu’s Trans City and Crypton Future Media Inc. which started last November 15, 2013.

Miku B

The lights show featured music by livetune (kz) and really has a very futuristic feel which is a big contrast to the traditional onsen town it is based on.

miku g

A Hatsune Miku bus would take people from the city of Fukuoka to Beppu. The bus also plays an active role in the town’s “Hatsune Miku in Hot Water” event.

Miku a

Since Beppu is a traditional onsen town filled with Japanese hot springs, Vocaloids Miku, Rin, Len, Luka, Meiko and Kaito are presented wearing Yukatas and ready for a dip.

miku d

Merchandise featuring the onsen-bound Vocaloid characters are also sold within Trans City.

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