Megahouse is celebrating the 10th anniversary of their Excellent Model series with three different polls, one for Excellent Model’s Gundam series, RAHDXG.A.NEO, one for their One Piece series, Portrait of Pirates (P.O.P.) and another one for their over-all Excellent Model line.

During the autumn edition of Megahobby Expo 2013, the second poll for the over-all Excellent Model line have finally been announced and it contains quite a few surprises.

Taking the #1 spot is Sweet Precure’s Cure Beat. She will be receiving her own Excellent Model figure courtesy of Megahouse.

 mega a

The #2 spot belongs to Demon General Astaroth from the Shinra Bansho chocolate trading cards. This surprising entrant prevailed over some pretty big names. Shinra Bansho chocolate trading cards go with some chocolate wafers and have been sold from Japanese candy shops, super markets and convenience stores since 2005. Its concept is quite similar to Lotte’s popular Bikkuriman.

 mega b

They also announced the runners-up who unfortunately may not be receiving their own figure incarnations.

3. Onyo Miko (Kaku Rei) from Genji Tsuushin Agedama
4. Hyoubu Kyousuke from The Unlimited Hyoubu Kyousuke
5. Ichigo Hoshimiya from Aikatsu
6. Akari Sakura from Twinkle Jewelpet
7. Cure Melody from Sweet Precure
8. Tohoku Zunko [icon of the Tohoku region]
9. Deedlit from Record of Lodoss War
10. Yurika Todou from Aikatsu

The results for Excellent Model's Gundam series, RAHDXG.A.NEO have been announced earlier this week and the event has announced that the winners, Tiera Erde and Elpeo Ple will be receiving their own figure versions along with the legendary "Blue Giant" from the original 1979n Gundam anime, Ramba Ral. The new Ramba Ral figure will surely be no Zaku boys, no Zaku!

mega c mega d mega e

With the results for Excellent Model and RAHDXG.A.NEO already announced, people are now eagerly anticipating the results for their P.O.P. line.

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