You’ve heard of itashas, those cars decorated with an anime, manga, vocaloid or video game theme or itacharis, those bicycle versions of itashas, but have you ever heard of itaboards?


Itaboards are snowboards with an anime, manga, vocaloid or video game theme and while they may not be as widespread or as well known as itacharis and itashas, there are quite a number of enthusiasts out there and with winter already in full blast, they have come out to play. One of the itaboard meeting’s participants tweeted the images via his twitter account, lightworn_lyko.


The snowy weather has made it perfect for a gathering of 300 itaboard enthusiasts who met at a ski resort to display and show off their beloved itaboards as well as ride them down the wintry slopes. As you can see from the images, these boards were actually used and are not just for display.


The itaboards came in with many different designs featuring various series like Love Live! which even had its own rack dedicated to the idol anime.


A certain ski board rack displayed itaboards from the popular “A Certain” series and it even has an Index flag and a Mikoto Misaka flag waving proudly.


Renowned doujin video game maker Junya Ota or Zun who is responsible for the extremely popular Touhou series was also present during the meeting. He even tweeted this image


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