After causing some commotion among fans with his blog post stating he will star in the live action Tekken prequel movie, Tekken: The Man called X, Japanese-American actor Kane Kosugi has withdrawn his statement and stated that there has been some confusion with the movie he has been cast in.

kosugi apology

In his official blog, Kosugi stated that he won’t be appearing in Tekken: The Man called X but in another action movie with the temporary title of Agent X. It would seem that his management has misinformed him and unwittingly caused a bit of a stir among the fans of the highly popular fighting game. The actor’s management also apologized for causing such a stir. His management company, Destiny Productions also made it clear that there will be no Tekken prequel movie.

The live action Tekken movie wasn’t very popular with the games’ fans. Even Tekken creator Katsuhiro Harada was not very fond of the movie saying it was “terrible” and had no interest in it.

When Kosugi cleared things up, Harada then tweeted that it was all one big misunderstanding and confirmed that there will be in fact no live action prequel to the relief of many fans.


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