With Capcom already celebrating its 30th Anniversary, Banpresto has announced their collaboration with the gaming giant and joins in on the celebrations with the Capcom 30th Anniversary Ichiban Kuji lottery.

People can win ten different prizes from Banpresto and they all feature Capcom’s most popular video game characters from Ryu and Phoenix Wright to Megaman and Dante. These Ichiban Kuji lottery games will be available starting late February and can be played in various convenience stores, bookstores, hobby shops and toy stores all over Japan. Each game will cost 571 yen (tax not included).

A Prize:  Capcom Heroines visual cushion

capcom a

Illustrated by Street Fighter II illustrator Kinu Nishimura, this cushion features heroines from a variety of Capcom games like Street Fighter, Dark Stalkers and more.

B Prize:  Heroes Pin Set

capcom b

Featuring 8-bit versions of Capcom’s greatest heroes like Ryu, Dante, Date Masamune and Phoenix Wright.

C Prize: Rivals Pin Set

Capcom C

Featuring 8-bit versions of the rival characters like Vergil, Ken and Morrigan.

D Prize: Felyne Megaman figure

capcom d

A Felyne cosplaying Megaman? Why not?! This figure measures approximately 13cm

E Prize: Capcom 30th Anniversary Multi-purpose Case

capcom e

Two varieties to choose from

F Prize: Felyne and Melynx Collaboration Mascots

Capcom F

Six varieties to choose from as Monster Hunter’s lovable mascots dress up as Capcom’s most beloved characters

G Prize: 30th Anniversary Memorial Earphone Jacks

capcom g

Twelve Varieties to choose from and features Capcom’s most beloved characters in 8-bit format.

H Prize: Capcom 30th Anniversary Glass

capcom h

Five varieties to choose from

I Prize: Capcom 30th Anniversary Visual Mats

Capcom I

These beautiful mats can induce some nostalgia as they feature scenes from Capcom’s most famous games. Seven designs to choose from

J Prize: Capcom 30th Anniversary Commemorative Cushion

capcom j

Featuring Capcom’s most popular character like Ryu, Dante, Phonex Wright, Morrigan, Megaman, and many more

Special Prize:  Felyne Megaman figure (black ver.)


You will require a lot of luck to win this special variation on the Felyne Megaman figure

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Source: Banpresto


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