A Chinese-made rhythm game is currently getting a lot of attention in Japan, and it’s not the good publicity kind. The game has been named by several Japanese fans as “Chinese School Fest” as a reference to a rhythm game it shares a lot of similarities with, the Love Live! School Idol Festival for the iOS and Android.


According to fans, the Chinese game looks like Love Live! School Idol Festival and blame it of copying the smartphone rhythm game. Here are a few comparison screenshots from the two games:

Chinese game


Love Live! School Idol Festival


Chinese Game


Love Live! School Idol Festival


This image was tweeted by twitter user _9XC who said that this is also from the Chinese game. Do they look familiar? They are most certainly not from Love Live! since they look a lot like A Certain Series’ Kuroko, Saten and Uiharu.


Japanese Love Live! fans have taken to twitter to show their discontent from the alleged copying of the game. Many like achihirokun have pointed out that the Chinese game has done several copyright infringements while others like AquaBlueJPN just voiced their discontent.


Bushiroad which published the Love Live! School Idol Festival rhythm game and Klab which developed it as well as the Love Live! staff have not yet released a comment on the issue.

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