Bandai Namco has announced that their classic 1987 beat’em up arcade game Wonder Momo will be getting an anime adaptation.



Wonder Momo was one of the few video games to feature a female main character when it was first released and is considered a classic by many arcade game enthusiasts. It has been ported to the PC as well as the Wii virtual console.


The 2D side-scrolling arcade classic was later turned into a web comic by Bandai Namco’s web comic website. The web comic focuses on the idol Momoko who is given special powers by a group of aliens she encounters after failing a TV audition.

The anime will be directed by Yutaka Kagawa who has served as episode director for series like Naruto, Flame of Recca and American cartoon Transformers Animated. Meanwhile, the animation will be produced by Graphinica which helped produce the animation for Hellsing Ultimate.

Momoko will be voiced by Yuka Fujiwara while Misaki Komatsu will be voicing fellow idol Akiho.


The anime is part of Bandai Namco’s revival of the classic arcade game which includes a new PC game by American studio WayForward and J-pop music.


The anime will be distributed via February via Niconico and Crunchyroll who will be providing English subtitled version of the anime. An official website has also been put up.


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Source: Inside Games Japan


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