Comiket 85 ended yesterday, December 31, 2013 and as expected, the even is still full of craziness and a whole lot of cosplay.

Nanoann_ tweeted a picture of herself cosplaying Red Saber from Fate/ Extra


Here’s Juntan373‘s Comiket 85 cosplay 


Tsumu_cos meanwhile compiled her C85 experience

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While Pico8_kuma shows that Kill la Kill’s Ryuko ain’t the only one who can be cosplayed… presenting… Senketsu!!!


Here’s Yuuzono_midori‘s C85 cosplay


Kantai Collection has been big during Comiket 85 as Pleasure54 shows

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Here’s the Super High School fighter Sakura from Danganronpa (image by RAMBO_jp)


More Attack on Titan and Kantai Collection cosplay (images by RAMBO_jp)

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It’s 2-star Mako from Kill la Kill (image by Sato_niko)


Of course, Comiket ain’t just about the crazy cosplays as Doseisan1222 shows. Here is his C85 haul


Finally, Huffington Post Japan compiled all these cosplay images from Comiket 85 day 3

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