The winter 2014 anime season is already underway and Japanese media website DDNavi has announced their picks for this season’s best anime heroines or the “Seven Anime Goddesses of Winter 2014”. The website also ranked last season’s best heroines as well.

7) Kosaki Onodera- Nisekoi


This sweet and charming young lady has captivated fans ever since the original manga was first launched. She is both loving and caring and has definitely earned a lot of fans for her nice attitude.

6) Takao – D-Frag!


D-Frag!’s resident well-endowed tsundere is highly competitive yet is very caring towards her friends. Considered one of the most popular girls in school, she heads the “Real Game Creation Club” where she seeks to destroy the “Fake Game Creation Club”.

5) Himiko – Nobunaga the Fool


Himiko is Oda Nobunaga’s overly-attached bride-to-be. She is always at odds with Jeanne D’Arc and though she is a traditionalist from the Eastern Star, she is not above using Western technology to get what she wants.

4) Mui Aiba – Magical Warfare


This pint-sized powerhouse is known for using Acceleration Magic and is one of the best magicians around. She is known for having a bit of a brother complex and will stop at nothing to redeem her brother who has been branded as a traitor  by her peers.

3) Kobeni Yonomori – Engaged to the Unidentified


What happens if all of a sudden, you find out that you have a fiancee and he will be living with you along with his sister? Well that’s what Kobeni actually experienced as her Fiancee Hakuya and his sister Mashiro moved in on her 16th birthday. Kobeni is said to be good wife material as her skills in cooking and cleaning is considered top-notch. She is also one of the most popular girls in school.

2) Shizuku Minami – Sakura Trick


This cute and calm young lady has a relationship with her classmate Kotone Noda in an anime which practically just screams Yuri. She is usually expressionless but smiles when angry.

1) Kate Hoshimiya – World Conquest Zvezda Plot


OK, who would ever think that the leader of a secret organization plotting to conquer the world is a little girl? Well, the members of Zvezda surely think one little girl has what it takes to take over the world and she may be able to pull it off. Kate is charismatic and her words can sway people to her cause, not to mention her rag tag group of would-be villains include a swords master, a genius inventor, a powerful fighter, a highly advanced robot and a useless bum.

Do you agree with DDNavi’s picks?

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