With the recent success of the Rurouni Kenshin live action movie, many anime and mangas are having their own live-action adaptations. However, not all will become like Rurouni Kenshin, others will fall into obscurity and even turn off a lot of fans.

With series like Haganai, Lupin III, Silver Spoon and many others being turned into live action movies, many fans have voiced their opinions against them since they are afraid a live action adaptation may ruin the series.

Fans were recently asked which of the anime or manga series they love that they don’t want to see a live action adaptation of. Here are the eight series they suggested:

Howl’s Moving Castle


This classic Studio Ghibli anime movie has been loved by fans of all ages around the world and it’s easy to understand why many people don’t want a live action adaptation for this movie.

According to a 31-year old female fan from Chiba, a live action adaptation will make it different and won’t feel the same as it was when it was animated.

Princess Mononoke


Another Ghibli classic, many would feel that a live action adaptation of this anime movie would be too bloody and “might not sit too well with a younger audience” said a 13-year-old female fan from Ibaraki.

Sports movies have always been successful because they mostly provide thrills and would make you want to cheer for the main characters, however, fans don’t seem to want to see a live action adaptation of three sports-related anime, namely Kuroko’s Basketball, Slam Dunk, Giant Killing and Inazuma Eleven.

Kuroko’s Basketball


A 19-year-old Kuroko’s Basketball fan from Fukuoka gave an interesting opinion why she does not want a live-action Kuroko’s Basketball. She stated that the anime characters had very colorful hair and that a live action adaptation will merely lose that uniqueness.

The series is known for its characters having unnatural hair color like Kuroko Tetsuya’s signature blue hair.

Slam Dunk


A 29-year-old Slam Dunk fan from Tokyo gave a more realistic answer as to why she does not want a live-action adaptation of Slam Dunk. She stated that a live action adaptation will not generate the same amount of excitement as the one from the manga.

Her opinion is not uncommon as many fans have admitted that the Slam Dunk manga was even more exciting than the anime.

Inazuma Eleven


Inazuma Eleven may be a bit more over the top than most sports anime since it even involves some aliens. A 23-year-old female fan from Chiba stated that some of the over the top moves from the series would be quite difficult to replicate even with advanced CGI.

Giant Killing

Booklet 01

This football manga may not be as far-fetched as Inazuma Eleven but it has plenty of loyal fans. A 32-year-old male fan from Tokyo stated that it will be very difficult to find actors with the same physique as the characters from the series.

Fans are quite nit-picky when it comes to their favorite characters and their physiques. When Gal Gadot was chosen as the next Wonder Woman, fans were quick to complain that she was no skinny and she lacked the muscle to make the character more accurate.

Tokimeki Tonight


This supernatural romantic comedy manga and anime series has quite a number of fans. One character, Makabe has proven to be very popular among the ladies so many fans have stated that they don’t want any actor to ruin him as stated by a 30-year-old fan from Ibaraki.

One Piece


Ah yes, One Piece, many fans would really argue why this anime should or should not have a live action adaptation. Many fans state that new and more advanced CGI can truly bring a live action version to life while some fans are afraid a live action might just end in failure just like Dragon Ball Evolution (remember that awful Hollywood live action movie?).

One fan however had a more unique reason why he does not want a live action adaptation. According to 32-year-old fan from Niigita, it will be very difficult to replicate the large busts the female characters have.

Well, if you look at it, he has a point. When gravure idol Mio Otani was chosen to play Sena Kashiwazaki (or more popularly known as Meat) for the live action adaptation of Haganai, many fans were quick to point out that she was well… “not big enough”.

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