Neon Genesis Evangelion is one of the greatest mecha anime in history and its popularity has spread all over the world, including Taiwan where a collaboration between several Taiwanese street fashion brands and the Science Fiction classic has already been launched.

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The collaboration is called Evangelion Taiwan Base which was launched in the cities of Taipei, Taichung and Kaoshiung last January 24, 2014. Short-term retail spaces have been opened in the three cities and will be selling Evangelion-themed apparel and merchandise until February 23, 2014.

Eva Fashion B

120 shops all over Taiwan will also be selling exclusive Eva merchandise as part of the collaboration. A unique Evangelion theme will also be adopted by each of these shops as fans lined up to check out and purchase the exclusive Eva merchandise currently being sold.

eva fashion A eva fashion

Miyuki, the model of the official Radio Eva brand is also featured in several items. She also visited Taiwan for the launch and interacted with the Taiwanese Eva fans for three days from January 24-26, 2014. The photos of Miyuki’s Taiwanese escapades have been posted in Evangelion Taiwan Base’s official facebook account.

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The items which are currently being offered for a limited time in Taiwan are also available at the Evangelion Store Tokyo 01 in Harajuku.

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Source: and Evangelion Taiwan Base’s official facebook account


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