The Gundam franchise is arguably the most popular mecha franchise in Japan as it has thrilled audiences since 1979 and created the Real Robot genre.



It has been split into many different timelines, spawned many different spin-off series, inspired countless video games and started a plastic model revolution. Now, Japanese media website GOO has asked people which Gundam series do they think is the best. Here are their results:

14) Others (Includes Stardust Memory, War in the Pocket, 08th MS Team, Gundam F-91, Gundam Wing Endless Waltz, Gundam UC, Char’s Counterattack and others) (772 votes)

13) Gundam AGE (19 votes)

12) ∀ Gundam (28 votes)

11) After War Gundam X (36 votes)

1o) Gundam Build Fighters (37 votes)

9) Gundam Victory (45 votes)

8) Mobile Fighter G Gundam (64 votes)

7) Gundam ZZ (87 votes)

6)Gundam 00 (170 votes)

5) Gundam Wing (177 votes)


4) Gundam SEED Destiny (181 votes)


3) Gundam Zeta (363 votes)


2) Gundam SEED (485 votes)


1) Mobile Suit Gundam (2,883 votes)


Looks like the phrase “Nothing beats the original” held true with the results with the 1979 anime classic beating out the extremely popular SEED series by a landslide and a margin of over 2,000 votes.

Gundam Wing, which popularized the Gundam series in the west makes it to #5 while Gundam Zeta, which is considered by many as one of Gundam creator Yoshiyuki Tomino’s greatest works makes it to #3.

The SEED universe has shown its strength by winning the #2 and #4 spots with the original SEED series taking #2 while Destiny takes #4.

Do you agree with the results?

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Source: Goo


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