Last year, FuRyu launched their first Danganronpa Minna No Kuji lottery game with the lovely Kyouko Kirigiri as its A prize. This time, they are giving fans a neat follow-up and it features the beautiful (yet psychotic) Junko Enoshima for its A prize.

The 18cm prize figure not only features the real Junko but also the cute but sadistic Monokuma.

mnk a

The B Prize will be a highly detailed Sakura Oogami figure measuring approximately 14cm. The Super High School-Level Fighter is presented in a half-kneeling stance and ready for some action.

mnk b

Having a runny nose? Looks like Monokuma has it covered with this tissue cover with the C prize. It measures 30cm and can cover most tissue boxes.

mnk c

For the D prize, you get a choice of any one of these three Danganronpa tumblers .

mnk d

Winning the E prize meanwhile gets a choice of any of these three Danganronpa mousepads. You will also get a Danganronpa sticker.

mnk e

A4-size folders are the prizes should you win the F prize. These come as a set of three Danganronpa folders and they also come with a special Danganronpa button.

mnk f

The Super High School Students get turned into super deformed figures with winning the G Prize. You get a choice of any one of five 5cm figures.

mnk g

The special double prize meanwhile will be this Monokuma stuffed toy special ver.

prize d

Finally, the last prize is this Junko Enoshima Queen ver. figure which is just like the A prize yet features Junko wearing a crown.

prize last

These new batch of Danganronpa prizes by FuRyu can be played in various convenience stores and bookstores all over Japan for 600 yen per try starting February 8, 2014.


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source: FuRyu


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