Two new characters have been confirmed to be making an appearance in the upcoming Sword Art Online: Hollow Fragment game and they promise to give Kirito and the heroines a whole lot to handle.

The Knights of the Blood guild master Heathcliff is announced to be part of the new SAO game. Armed with Liberator, he is considered the strongest player in the game and like Kirito, he also has a unique skill at his disposal called Holy Sword. His role in the game is yet to be announced.

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The mysterious Alberich makes his return in Sword Art Online Hollow Fragment. He was first introduced in Sword Art Online Infinity Moment where his true identity and purpose for joining SAO were revealed. His presence in the new game would truly bring trouble for Kirito and the gang as he did in Infinity Moment where his devious scheme almost spelled certain doom for our heroes.

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Another original character making her return from Infinity Moment is Strea. She may not be as strong as heavy hitters like Asuna and Leafa but her superb stealth skills can give you an edge in missions where you don’t want to be noticed by monsters.


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A new field will also be introduced for the game and it is known as “The Cove”. This new area has a coastal theme and promises new monsters and new items.

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It has also been revealed that the new SAO game can import data saves from Sword Art Online: Infinity Moment and apply it to Hollow Fragment, which will allow the player to carry over skill points, money, and gallery completion level. Those who’ve cleared the PSP game will also receive a bonus accessory in the Vita version.

The game will feature all your favorite SAO heroines like the blacksmith Lizbeth who is known for using a mace as her favorite weapon.

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Like Infinity Moment, ALO main heroine Leafa will strangely be fighting inside the floating castle known as Aincrad. Kirito’s little sister/cousin is a katana user and will surely be a big help to him when fighting all those tough bosses.


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A new CG has also been released and it reveals Leafa with her hair down.


Sword Art Online: Hollow Fragment is scheduled for its Japanese release on April 24, 2014 for the PS Vita.

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