Japan has always been the center of the world when it comes to creative snack combinations. The newest creation of snack manufacturer Calbee is “KFC Colonel’s Crispy Potato Chips,” and perhaps not surprisingly, they’re only available as a limited time offer. One bag costs 148 yen.


Unlike the now-famous “Mountain Dew Chips,” a bag of KFC-flavored chips actually sounds pretty good. Blasphemously, the package tells you the secret ingredients right on the front in gold-lined lettering. Apparently that unique KFC taste comes from “garlic and soy sauce.” Somehow, I think they’re leaving something out.


The bag also has a coupon printed on the back for 30 yen off of a piece of Crispy Chicken at any KFC location (only within Japan). That level of collaboration shows that Calbee has the full support of the restaurant chain, rather than having to guess at a mock recipe by itself, which means it should taste a lot like the real thing…


But in reality, according to RocketNews24’s reporter, the taste is but a shadow of the renowned restaurant’s own fried chicken. They’re a much blander combination of regular potato chip flavor, a bit of garlic, and something approximating the taste of the chicken breading but not the meat. They’re less oily than some other brands of chips, but the inauthentic flavor leaves something to be desired.

Still, it’s a valiant effort.


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