With its highly anticipated release set on March 6, 2014, new freebies have been announced for the upcoming Vocaloid-based rhythm game, Hatsune Miku: Project Diva f 2nd.


Sega has recently announced that new freebies will be included along with the release of the game and each freebie will be different from each store. Buying the game in any Animate store would give you a different reward or freebie to buying the game in Amazon.com.jp

Seagull: Original Quo Card illustrated by Yamako


Wondergoo game store and Wonder Goo Rakuten online store: Original B2 tapestry illustrated by Ittumaru


All Animate stores: Original A3 tapestry illustrated by wogura


COMG!: Original folder illustrated by Yamako


Sega Store: Original B2 tapestry


Sofmap: Original B2 tapestry


Other stores have also been announced to have several new Vocaloid freebies.

Amazon.co.jp: Original “fake card”

Loppi (Lawson-Ministop)/ HMV: original mouse pad

Asobit City: Telephone Card

Ami Ami: Original Multi-stand

Imagine/ Imagine online store: Original Book Card

Enter King: Original folder

Chara-ani.com: Original Quo Card

Game Arc/ Crest Treasure Island/ Papyrus: Original Post Card

Game Station Media World/ Media World Net Shop: Original fan

Circle K: Original A3 poster

Gamers: Original B2 tapestry

Sanyodo Bookstore: A4 folder

Don Quixote: Original Mouse Pad

Family Mart: Original PlayStation 3 custom theme

Momotaro Kingdom: Original Telephone Card

These freebies are for both the PlayStation 3 and PS Vita versions and will be implemented during the game’s release on March 6, 2014.

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