A new video featuring the collaboration between hit anime series Girls und Panzer and popular free-to-play MMO World of Tanks is currently being shown in Akihabara.


The video features the voice of Angler Fish team loader Yukari Akimiya who is voiced by Ikumi Nakagami. The video is currently being aired from 1:00 pm (13:00) until 7:00 pm (19:00) at Akiba vision and will be shown until the end of January 2014.

World of Tanks developers Wargaming.net has even uploaded the video on youtube so that everybody can enjoy it. The video has the girls promote the hit online action game featuring tanks.

The two also collaborated for a tank-themed Christmas tree last December 2013. Both the tree and the new video are part of the GaruPan X WoT Akihabara landings event which aims to promote both the anime and the game.

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via wargaming.net youtube account


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