The Fujimura School for girls has become the very first school in Japan to incorporate the popular singing voice synthesizer, Vocaloid into their music classes for their middle school and high school division.

The school’s first ever Vocaloid music class or “Vocaloid School” was held last December 2013 and has even been featured in the official Hatsune Miku vocaloid channel.

The school invited guest instructor Ashin Kuroda who is known for vocaloid songs like P.A.R.A.L.Y.Z.E. feat. Iroha Nekomura and Romanticism feat. Luka Megurine.

She enthusiastically taught the students the step-by-step way to make vocaloid songs. She imparted her knowledge and experience in vocaloid composition to a class which quickly learned from such a well-known vocaloid composer. The students themselves were also quite happy with the class.

vocaloid school vocaloid skul

The school’s music teacher had studied computer music in college and she was so inspired by her experience, that it served as the catalyst behind the introduction of the new vocaloid classes. During the second semester of 2013, a class of freshmen high school students become the first recipients of this new teaching device.

voca school

The school is so enthusiastic about their vocaloid music classes that its official website even has its own page dedicated to the school’s unique vocaloid experience.

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