Remember the Kuratas? It’s that large real life Japanese robot which made headlines all over the world two years ago in 2012. That very robot has been made into somewhat of a movie star as it will soon grace the big screen as part of the live action Patlabor titled The Next Generation -Patlabor-


Suidobashi Heavy Industry’s real-life mecha plays the part of a “labor”, large robots which are used to do various heavy jobs like construction. The Kuratas is painted yellow and is set to fight the Type-98 AV Ingram during one of the scenes. Patlabor director, Mamoru Oshii said there was no need to create a CGI or a prop because the Kuratas possesses the qualities of a labor.


The live action Patlabor will be comprised of seven parts namely an episode zero (10 minutes runtime), 12 full episodes (48 minutes each) which will begin on April 5, 2014, and a 100-minute feature-length film that’s slated to be released in 2015. The movie will make full use of CGI technology as well as various special effects and movie props like the life-size Type-98 AV Ingram.

The Kuratas meanwhile was unveiled during Wonder Festival 2012 and was developed by artist Kogoro Kurata and roboticist Wataru Yoshizaki. Each Kuratas unit has a starting price tag of 100 million yen.

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