San X net shop has come up with a unique way to relax with their new Rilakkuma sofa. Rilakkuma of course is the popular Japanese mascot whose name is a combination of the word relax and the Japanese word for bear (kuma).


This sofa based on San X’s extremely popular mascot is part of their Character Furniture series and is made of synthetic leather, urethane cushions, wood and rubber. This sofa boasts softness which can make you relax just like Rilakkuma’s very name.

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The sofa costs 197,400 yen or US$ 18,900.00 and that does not even cover the shipping expenses. It is made in Japan by furniture craftsmen from Okawa who are known for producing fine Japanese furniture.

Reservations have started earlier today, January 6, 2014 and will be only be until January 26, 2014. You can order via the San X Net Shop

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Via San X Net Shop


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