2013 is over and the Japanese news website, Sankei.jp.msn.com has recently revealed their picks for the three best anime from the past year.

All three anime are quite deserving of their spots and have not disappointed the fans at all, in fact, tow of these anime have actually exceeded most people’s expectations.

#3: My Teenage RomCom Snafu/ Oregairu


This anime experienced sell outs for both its DVD/ Blu-Rays as well as its original light novels by Wataru Watari for its lovable cast and great story line.

The anime has an amazing story centered on the “bitter-bitter-sweet” trio of Hachiman Hikigaya, Yukino Yukinoshita and Yui Yuigahama which fans have all grown to love… along with “trap” character Saika who has been called by many as “the next Hideyoshi” as a reference to the now-legendary trap character from Baka & Test.

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#2: Free!


Free! provides a great story, exciting sports action, lovable characters, a cute little sister character and a whole lot of ABS. This anime features a whole lot of female-oriented fan service as well as some yaoi intonations but that does not stop this anime from giving out a great story and beautiful animation thanks to Kyoto Animation or KyoAni.

The anime has also made a lot of females into anime fans and quite surprisingly has a lot of male fans as well who watch it for the story (or the cute little sister character).

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#1 Attack on Titan


Surprise surprise, #1 is Attack on Titan. The series dominated this year and has been featured in many fan-made videos, memes, cosplays and video games. Looks like humanity’s struggle against the titans have proven quite a hit not only in Japan but also the rest of the world.

Along with Oregairu, this anime exceeded expectations and has become 2013’s undisputed most popular anime. The series is a great blend of fast-paced action and human drama which has gained many fans all across the world.

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Which anime are your picks for the top series of 2013?

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