The annual Super Festival is a yearly figure event dedicated to upcoming toy and figure manufacturers as well as small-scale independent companies from all over Japan. And while many of them aren’t as famous as big companies like Good Smile Company and Kotobukiya, these smaller companies get to show off their stuff during the event.

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 The event which was held yesterday, January 12, 2014 also featured several familiar names like X-plus, Gashapon and Art Storm along with several indie  manufacturers.

The Art Storm/ Fewture Models booth was highlighted by their signature Super Robot figures from classic series Mazinger Z and Getter Robo. They even have several Transformers which include one mean-looking Optimus Prime.

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Another familiar name is Gashapon. These classic capsule toys which has thrilled kids of all ages for years made their presence felt during the event with a lot of Ultraman Gashapon figures.

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 X-plus meanwhile featured their figure offerings which include that Gigantic Series Super Saiyan Son Goku we have featured here on SGCafe. Their booth also contained tokusatsu classics like Godzilla and Ultraman.

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If the true stars of the biannual Comiket would be the independent circles and their fantastic doujins, then the true stars of the Super Festival would be the indie manufacturers who went to the event to show off their stuff. Some were very well detailed while some were just plain weird.

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Some indie manufacturers even have some fantastic figures like these Arale figures from Dune.

dune (4)

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