Japanese theme bars and restaurants are famous in the culinary world for their often weird and wacky themes from a prison hospital-themed bar which has a very creepy ambiance that would be frowned upon in the west to a even a Sengoku-themed restaurant dedicated to Japan’s warring states era.

Now, a new theme bar is about to be opened in Kawasaki City in Kanagawa, Japan and it will be dedicated to the Ultraman monsters.


The bar will be named Kaiju Sakaba which literally means Giant Monster Tavern. The announcement of the new Ultraman monster-themed bar was announced by one of the series most well known Kaiju, Alien Baltan which first terrorized the Ultraman world in 1966 during the original series’ second episode.


The announcement was made in the bar’s official website and Alien Baltan released an “official statement” which has been translated into the human language.

From the Alien Kaiju representative of the Baltan people,

We have secretly with various Alien Kaiju clans and have decided to create the great Kaiju Tavern and it will be run by inhabitants of the planet Earth and the planet M240.

The tavern will be in the city of Kawasaki where the earthlings will be able to enjoy great food and drinks after a long hard day’s work. It will be opened Mid-March 2014.

It should also be noted that the Earth Defense Forces and the Ultra Warriors should not be noted on the opening of this bar.

Well, it would seem that this bar is quite suspicious. But don’t worry, the Earth Defense Force may already be on the case.


The bar is run by Tsurubaya Productions which originally produced the Ultraman series

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source: ASCII and Kaijuu Sakaba


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