The second season of Kuroko’s Basketball is making many anime fans want more and Banpresto is more than happy to oblige as they announce a their latest prize line-up for their Crane King game.

Kuroko’s Basketball KyunChara series
5 variants, 6.5cm each, mid-January release


Kuroko’s Basketball  Super DX plush dolls
Kuroko Tetsuya and Tetsuya #2, 25cm each, mid-January release


Kuroko’s Basketball bath towels
Atsushi Murasakibara, Tatsuya Himuro and Yukio Kasamatsu, 120cm x 60cm each, mid-January release


Kuroko’s Basketball Deluxe Clear Poster A
Kaijou High School and Shotoku High School, 42cm x 72cm each, late January release

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Kuroko’s Basketball Deluxe Clear Poster B
Touou High School and Yosen High Scool,  42cm x 72cm each, late January release

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These can be won by playing the Banpresto crane game known as Crane King so better practice some precision aiming to get the prizes that you want.

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